Crucial Things to Keep in Mind Before You Travel With Your Pet

Dogs have always been best friends to humans. They are faithful and will follow you to the edge of the world. Most importantly, they are very good travel buddies. Unfortunately, what most of the people consider is that it is extremely intimidating - if not impossible - to make travel plans with dogs. Many assume they must divide over a truckload of cash to cover the dog-sitting expenses.

On the contrary, the data speaks another story. According to The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association, more than 4 million live pets are moved from one place to another on flights worldwide every year. Travel and the hospitality industry have adapted to this rising demand, and travelling with your dog has become easier.

Continue reading the post to know crucial things you need to remember before you embark on a travel plan with your furry friend.

• While Travelling in Car

If you are planning to travel in a car, it is important to keep the pet restrained. It is important to focus on driving; your dog may get excited if you get distracted. Always put your dog in the back seat and a carrier strapped with a seatbelt. If you are going for a long trip, make sure to get your dog accustomed to riding a car for a short trip.

Feed your dog with a light meal and take breaks at regular intervals of time to feed your dog. While you take a break, do not put them locked inside the car. The temperature inside can go up to 70°F, which can be a serious safety or health concern for the dog.

• The Necessity of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is what it sounds like! It covers all the expenses related to accidents or issues while travelling with your pet. Pet insurance offers you peace of mind if something happens to your pet, you will get reimbursement for all the medical expenses. There is also a thing called pet travel insurance. It covers all the expenses for any mishap or accidents while travelling. Usually, the benefit extends from one airport to another.

When you have pet insurance, you can use a licensed veterinarian, pet specialist, or emergency hospital. Of course, some limitations vary from one service provider to another. Please get in touch with the customer support team to get details of the exceptions or limitations.

• Hotels/Accommodation

Before you finalize and book your hotel for the accommodation during your stay, find out whether the property allows dogs in advance. In most of the cases, hotels don’t allow pets, and even if they do, they have size restrictions. Make sure to keep your dog as quiet as possible and never leave them unattended.

Most dog owners prefer staying in an apartment or a holiday home. According to them, it gives much freedom and flexibility to their pet. Pet owners are sometimes asked to pay additional charges for allowing pets on their property. So, before you reach there, get all these queries solved.

• Pet Food and Drinks

When it comes to food and drinks for pets while travelling, it is important not to experiment with any new food and snacks. Don’t forget to pay a visit to your veterinarian for a complete health checkup and ask what would be the best food and drinks to serve your pet.

One very useful piece of advice is to give bottled water while away from home to ensure that the pet doesn’t get an upset stomach. Also, buy collapsible ones rather than buying bulky bowls and get your pet used to them at least a week before you commence the travel. Along with proper food and water, make sure to carry useful medicines. You may not find the right emergency medicines for your pet.

• Cleaning Your Dog After Muddy Walks

Humans like exploring new places, and our pets also have similar instincts. And while doing so, they end up getting their feet dirty. If you face a similar kind of situation, use fresh water to rinse the fur thoroughly. Using lukewarm water would be ideal. Use pet shampoo all over the body, and be careful of it getting into the eyes.

Rinse the fur using water and remove the shampoo. Use a portable paw washer to thoroughly remove the dirt and dry paws. Depending on the weather, wrap your pet in a warm towel and dry them thoroughly. You can also use DIY wipes or boots to add extra protection to the feet.

Parting thoughts

It is important to keep in mind that it's a vacation. Travelling can be stressful, but having a calm owner has a calm pet. Usually, our pets pick up on our stress. So, if you being the owner, show nervousness and uptightness, your dog will eventually showcase some signs of anxiety and stress.

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