When it comes to durability and sustainability, choosing the right textiles makes a world of difference. Every element of a Taylor & Tails bed is selected for comfort, aesthetics, and its ability to meet the demands of your pet. Curious about what goes into our pet beds? Read on to find out.


We carefully select premium fabrics sourced from Europe to ensure they are scratch-resistant, water-resistant, dirt-resistant and durable. Because of this, Taylor & Tails dog beds are straightforward to clean, with all covers suitable for machine washing at as low as 30℃.

Our fabrics are part of the SMART® by DAVIS range, which are designed for high traffic areas. They are OEKO-TEX® certified and fall under REACH compliance which demonstrates their ecological safety.

Woven Upholstery

Working with interior designers, we’ve chosen a range of high-quality SMART® by DAVIS upholstery fabrics that are used in the latest furniture designs and innovations. Woven fabric covers the sleeping area of the Dog Mattress and one side of the Nest Bed pillow, so we knew it had to be soft yet tough. With a hydrophobic coating, the fabric is protected against rapid absorption of liquids, allowing you time to dry any spills using a dry cloth or paper towel. In addition, the easy-clean technology makes the fabric stain and pet hair resistant, enabling you to remove even the toughest stains without the need for chemical cleaning agents or machine washing.

Clean woven fabric

Vegan Leather

Vegan Leather covers the largest surface area of our Nest Beds and provides a firmer edge to our Dog Mattresses. With the same durability and resistance to wear as regular leather, our manufactured version is just as aesthetically pleasing while being kinder to animals. Vegan leather can be machine washed but can more easily be maintained by simply giving it a good wipe with a soapy cloth. This dramatically reduces wear and tear compared to regular pet beds and also decreases water consumption.

Clean Leather


Perhaps the most innovative element of our pet beds is the flaked memory foam filling. This dense, thermal memory foam moulds to the shape and weight of the body, giving pets the most comfortable, supportive foundation for a rejuvenating rest. Often used in orthopaedic products for humans, the foam supports the spine, reduces tension and joint pressure, relaxes muscles and promotes circulation, bringing relief from aches and pains. Crucially, it is also very responsive to body temperature, offering comfort without deregulating your dog’s natural temperature.

Our filling is enclosed in zipped water-resistant liners, which allows you to access the filling and adjust it should you choose to. Like humans, not all dogs appreciate a firm bed, particularly smaller breeds that don’t weigh a lot. By removing a handful or two of filling, you can customise your Taylor & Tails dog bed to be the perfect match for your pet.  

Although we’re not the only pet bed manufacturer using memory foam in our design, most companies use memory foam slabs, which are block cut to the desired size, with offcuts discarded. At Taylor & Tails, we instead work directly with mattress producers, using the offcuts from their process, saving it from landfill and allowing pets to get the same quality of foam that you’d expect from your own bed. 

The base of our beds also has an additional layer of thick wadding to help block the cold from rising.

Inner Liner

Let’s face it, for a dog bed to last more than a few months, every element needs to be carefully considered. With this in mind, we didn’t simply settle for water-resistant outer protection; we wanted to go further. So, all of our beds include a water-resistant inner lining, which offers the filling additional protection from moisture. This creates another barrier between spills and the core of your pet bed, encouraging liquid to pool on the surface and giving you extra time for a quick blot. 

Inner liners are also fitted with an integral zip, allowing you to access the memory foam flakes within.