Our Nest Beds are the ideal main bed for dogs that prefer the security that comes from being curled up and cocooned. The bed itself benefits from our luxury vegan leather, which you can clean using soapy water. The removable centre pillow offers dual options, with one side in vegan leather and the other in premium woven upholstery fabric, ideal for a little extra warmth on colder evenings. The woven fabric has a nanoparticle finish to expertly repel water, stains, and pet hair. Our Nest Beds are finished with piping and the stylish Taylor & Tails logo.



Our Mattresses are designed to provide maximum flexibility and comfort to your furry friend while complimenting your decor. Equipped with a large handle to the side, they’re perfect for moving around your home or for bringing along on weekends away. The sleeping area is upholstered in premium woven fabric with a nanoparticle finish which creates a barrier to protect the bedding from stains, moisture, and pet hair. The result? A beautiful, durable, easy-clean base for stretching out on for a nap. The sides of the bed are constructed from our distinctive vegan leather and piped in our signature style.


What Makes a Great Pet Bed?

We know you want the best for your pet, but how do you know what to avoid when choosing a pet bed? When shopping for a dog bed, many people fall into the trap of looking for something that we’d enjoy as humans - a warm, snuggly, and fluffy bed that’s elevated from the floor. However, while that might be comfortable to us, the physiology of dogs is very different from our own. 

Have you ever wondered why your dog sprawls out for a nap on the floor instead of climbing up into its cosy bed? Not only do dogs feel more comfortable closer to the ground than they do at height, but they’re also very sensitive to temperature and will quickly overheat in a fluffy dog bed. With fur designed for living outdoors, their coat alone is enough to keep most dogs warm. So, while it may be tempting to choose a bed that looks cosy and inviting, it’s essential to keep your dog's breed and coat type in mind. For those with short fur or who sometimes struggle to stay warm, placing a blanket inside the bed is ideal - not only does it give a little extra warmth in winter, but crucially, it can easily be pushed out of bed by your dog if it’s not needed.

The popularity of these plush, furry pet beds can lead to several other issues too. For example, this type of fabric quickly accumulates dirt, hair and skin cells, making them a breeding ground for dust mites. To keep them clean, you need to machine-wash at least every week, which speeds up their degradation. So, within a few months to a year, you’re forced to buy a new bed, and the cycle continues!

Taylor & Tails beds are designed right here in Great Britain and use modern fabric and filling choices to create a naturally hypoallergenic pet bed. We use hydrophobic fabrics which are less hospitable to fleas and mites, and high-density memory foam to provide supportive cushioning without adding height to the bed. Not only does the memory foam encourage spinal alignment, circulation and the overall health and wellbeing of your pet, but it’s also adjustable, allowing you to add or remove filling to create a firmer or softer bed. 

And while our dog bed covers, like most, are machine washable - we’ve gone a step further. By utilising durable, scratch-resistant vegan leather and upholstery, our beds are easy to maintain, requiring less mechanical washing and prolonging the life of the bed.

Orthopaedic Dog Beds

Orthopaedic dog beds are worth their weight in gold, and not just for older dogs and larger breeds. Just like humans benefit from a supportive bed, so too do our furry friends. With collaboration from veterinarians during the design process, the technology of our beds offers more than just a cosy place to sleep, they also support overall pet health and well-being. With memory foam flakes that regulate temperature, support weight, and encourage spinal alignment, dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes can sleep peacefully while benefiting from improved blood circulation and reduced joint pain

Best of all, our adjustable filling system allows you to easily add or remove filling from your dog bed using pup-proof hidden zips. This gives you full flexibility to create the right level of support for the size and health needs of your pet. 

We design Taylor & Tails beds right here in Great Britain and use eco-friendly, premium fabric sourced from within Europe to create a naturally hypoallergenic pet bed. Our sustainable dog beds have a hydrophobic and nanoparticle finish that repels dirt and moisture and keeps dust mites at bay. And while our bed covers, like most, are machine washable - we’ve gone a step further.

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