Recycling is good. Reducing is better! 

In an era of disposable, low-cost consumerism, the constant cycle of buying cheap, throwing away and replacing again can feel almost instinctive - but this is a false economy. Items that are built to last will usually cost more than the poorer quality alternative, but they will last much longer, some even generations. 

Based on our research and market data, the average life of a dog bed is seven months. In 2021, the UK population of dogs reached 12 million. If even half of those dogs have their beds disposed of every year, that’s around 30,000 tonnes of synthetic waste going to landfill.

Most dog beds are manufactured in areas of the world where workers rights and regulations are minimal, sometimes even relying on child labour. Many of these manufacturers also think nothing of polluting rivers, lakes and forests with harmful materials and factory waste. Not to mention the carbon footprint involved in importing the beds to the UK from the Far East. 

Taylor & Tails do things differently. Our beds are designed and distributed right here in the UK, and manufactured within the EU, and meet the highest quality and safety standards. We know beds that last longer reduce waste and minimise the carbon footprint of owning a dog.

Do you remember a time before ‘fast fashion’ and flimsy design - the way our grandparents spent their money on quality products that would last decades? We do! They followed the rule of buying well, rather than buying twice. This is one of the core values of our business. We’re bringing back quality, long-lasting manufacturing of old, and showing customers you can find well-made and long-lasting pet products without compromising quality, luxury, or comfort. 

And it isn’t just the overall durability of our beds that is sustainable, we’ve applied this to all areas of our production. Thanks to the implementation of the latest technologies, we have been able to reduce our own production waste by over 20%.

Although we’re not the only pet bed manufacturer using memory foam in our design, most companies use memory foam slabs, which are block cut to the desired size, with offcuts discarded. At Taylor & Tails, we decided to use shredded memory foam from the offcuts of human mattress production instead, where possible. This saves it from landfill and allows our pets to get the same quality of foam that you’d expect from your own bed. 

Our fabrics are all OEKO-TEX® certified and fall under REACH compliance which proves their ecological safety and responsible sourcing. In addition, we are constantly challenging ourselves and developing through cooperation with vets, scientists, and designers