Reducing Waste By Choosing The Right Materials

When it comes to choosing the perfect bed for your dogs, we know you take a lot of options into consideration before making the final decision. What is the perfect size, shape and design? Not to mention the importance of comfort the mattress will offer. 


However, one factor you may not have considered before now is the impact the manufacture of the bed has on our environment. At Taylor & Tails, our clients are an eco-conscious bunch, so we give extra thought to the environmental impact of our pet beds. Today we’ll share how a simple change in material can positively affect both comfort and sustainability.

Memory Foam For A Better Sleep

Our hypoallergenic memory foam filling provides a luxurious cushion to surround your pet and has numerous health benefits. Memory foam encourages circulation and relieves joint pressure, making it particularly well-suited to old, arthritic dogs and large breeds. However, dogs of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of a supported spine and restful sleep, including small and medium dogs and puppies.

memory foam

Memory foam dog beds are especially beneficial as, depending on the breed, dogs can spend up to 20 hours sleeping every day. A memory foam mattress helps support your dog’s spine and provides support for common health problems that occur in ageing, such as arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Overall, memory foam is a far superior and more comfortable inner for your dog’s bed. But does the type of memory foam we use to manufacture our beds have more benefits besides your dog’s comfort? The answer, in short, is yes.

Shredded Memory Foam Particles VS Solid Memory Foam

We’re not the only pet bed manufacturer using memory foam in our design, but most companies use memory foam slabs inside their mattresses. Although a good material, it does come with its downsides.

When solid foam slabs are cut to the desired size, the offcuts are discarded and often end up in landfills. And, as the memory foam slabs completely fill the desired space, it doesn’t allow the bed's firmness level to be adjusted for maximum comfort.


Shredded memory foam filling is essentially memory foam cut into tiny pieces. Unlike a solid block of foam, the individual pieces move independently, allowing your dog to snuggle down for personal comfort. Additionally, the shredded memory foam in our beds can be removed to offer a softer base or moved from one area to another to suit your dog’s sleeping style. Memory foam flakes are also a much more breathable option than a single piece of foam. 


At Taylor & Tails, we use shredded memory foam from the offcuts of human mattress production instead of memory foam slabs. Re-using these pieces of quality foam saves thousands of offcuts from going to landfill and allows our pets to use the same exceptional foam that humans sleep on every night. So although the filling of our beds is considered recycled material, the foam is much higher quality than most other dog bed manufacturers use.


Re-Using Quality Materials For A More Sustainable Future

Data shows that the average family replaces its dog’s bed every year. Last year, there were 12 million dogs owned in the UK alone; that’s 12 million dog beds that could end up in landfills. Even if we were to take a more conservative estimate and say that only 50% of owners replace their dog beds every year, that’s still around 30,000 tonnes of synthetic waste sent to landfills.

 landfill waste

We know beds that last longer reduce waste and minimise the carbon footprint of owning a dog. By using shredded memory foam, Taylor & Tails dog beds continue to provide the best base for a good night’s sleep whilst reducing waste and maintaining a sustainable business model that we can be proud of. 


Designer dog beds with eco-friendly credentials!

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