When the average person thinks about dog beds, chic is certainly not the first word that comes to mind. With cheap, fluffy fabric and garish colours, many dog beds sit in stark contrast against the neutral colour palette and clean lines of a modern home.

We put immeasurable time and effort into turning our house into a home; from the colour scheme to the furniture, we surround ourselves with things that reflect our style. With that in mind, why would you settle for a dog bed that compromises your décor? 

Of course, style shouldn’t come before substance. After all, dogs sleep for up to 12 hours a day, so having a comfortable, supportive place to rest is of the utmost importance.

At Taylor & Tails, we’ve designed a range of dog beds in various colours to match the aesthetic of your home while ensuring the ultimate comfort for your furry friend. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing a dog bed that complements your home. 

•    Modern and Contemporary Dog Beds

If you are passionate about interior design, your first point of call will be looking for a dog bed that matches your home’s style, both inside and out. Grey has emerged as one of the most popular colour choices for interiors in recent years. 

For a light, neutral take on grey, try our Stubby Nest Bed in Cookies & Cream and classic Stamford Stone. Or, for something a little bolder, Balto offers a stunning combination of Peacock and Slate Grey that suits any modern home.

cream and light grey dog bed  

•    Bright Colour Dog Beds For Vibrant Homes

If your home is full of warm, bright colours but you’re looking for a quality dog bed, finding the right fit can be difficult. Many retailers specialise in sensible styles in standard colours or cheap and cheerful head-turners that won’t last a year. 

Our Barry dog bed features a bright pop of Kingfisher Blue fabric with rich Sand Dunes vegan leather to add sophistication. The combination is warm and inviting even after a day full of adventure. 

•    Classic Dog Beds That Won’t Go Out Of Style

Whether you have an eclectic mix of styles or simply want a stylish dog bed that will work in any decor, warm browns are a great choice. Blending seamlessly with wood, while complementing any soft furnishings, opting for a warm caramel or dark chocolate is a safe choice you won’t regret.

Try the Judy Nest Bed with rich Pumpkin Spice coloured fabric and Autumn Leaves vegan leather. Or, go dark with the Kuno dog bed which combines inviting Speckled Hen upholstery with Coffee vegan leather.


At Taylor & Tails, we know that tastes can change over time. That’s why we offer replacement covers for our luxury dog beds. Mix and match the cushion in your nest bed, or replace your entire mattress cover to suit your updated decor. 

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