Choosing a Stylish Dog Bed to Match Your Home Décor

When anyone thinks of dog beds, ‘minimal’ and ‘chic’ are certainly not the first words that come to mind. The wildly-patterned, bright, and quirkily shaped beds that pop up during a quick Google search completely distinct the neutral colour palette and minimal home’s clean lines.

You must have put a lot of thought into decorating the home. Everything, including artwork, colour scheme, and furniture, were chosen carefully to reflect your style. After all these, there’s no point in settling for dog bed that compromises your décor and interior setting . You will see the dog bed every day, and what it to be a perfect setting.

Dog bed designers feel that the overall design concept of the dog bed should resemble the personal style and taste similar to other furnishings in the home would. Little direction can go a long way when you embark on your search. For example, if you have a minimalistic home, you can try choosing a dog bed that can be a modern colour or a pattern you were waiting to add to your décor.

Fortunately, you can choose from a wide range of Taylor & Tails dog beds available in various colours to match the aesthetic of your home décor and ensure the ultimate comfort for your furry friend.

Dogs tend to usually sleep for up to 12 hours and need a special and comfortable place of their own where they can relax. You must consider different things before choosing a bed for your four-legged friend. Continue reading the post to know how you can get a dog bed that matches the home décor and fit in seamlessly.

•    Know Your Style

If you are concerned about the interior design of your house, you will certainly know the style of the furnishings. For example, if you have a contemporary taste, number of great options are available in different styles and colours. Neutral themes like our Stubby dog beds in Peacock and Slate Grey are one such combination that will never go out of style.

Grey has emerged as one of the most popular choices for many, and you can choose nest beds or mattresses to ensure your dog gets a great the best night sleep. While this colour and others look awesome for contemporary house settings, it might not sits well in older Victorian-style houses.  But not to worry, we have this covered and those with Victorian-style houses can complement their décor with luxurious Barry dog sofa or mattress beds . The dual-tone colour combination will look immaculate.

•    Home Décor with Bright Colours

Most people choose bright colours for their interiors and want something more dramatic for dog beds. Our Judy beds featured with rich Pumpkin spice fabric and Autumn Leaves vegan leather will enhance the aesthetics of the interiors. The combination is warm and inviting even after a day full of adventure.

You can choose form a wide range of dog beds in different colour tones that will match the kitchen's aesthetics. It can be a colour combination of Kingfisher Blue and vegan leather in Sand Dunes. Then you have Cookies & Cream and classic Stamford Stone vegan leather that represent clean neutral tones.

•    Placing the Bed into the Heart of the Home

When you consider the best place for the dog bed, you need to consider different factors such as the size of the home, the size of the dog, how you will interact with the dog and, of course, the temperament. No one wants the bed in the middle of the household, nor does the dog. It is highly recommended to place your dog's bed away from high traffic areas in your home.

Nest beds are ideal for nighttime sleep, best to set them in the bedroom or living room, depending on the sleeping habits of your dog, those loud snoring pups beds might find better position in the living room. Mattresses are mostly considered as a daytime bed, allowing your dog to stretch out and snooze all day long, they are also a popular choice for large breeds and also for taking it away for staycation.

Of course, the style and the size of the dog bed entirely depend on the dog's preferences. But colours will be decided based on the interior design theme you will match with your dog bed.

•    Moving In

If you can manage and are lucky to have an additional room for your dog, having a spacious and well-maintained home could be exciting. You can utilize the space with Speckled hen Upholstery set against Coffee vegan leather. The combination will look great in your bedroom.

A dedicated bed offers a sense of ownership and a feeling that no one will intrude. It is important to make sure that the dog bed you choose is large enough so that the dog moves around. What’s important is that it has to be enticing, comfortable and secure.

Whether you buy a dog bed outright or choose one that goes well with the décor of your home flawlessly, the happiness of the pup is at the heart of it. You may also find a colour that inspires a complete overhaul of a particular room in the house. Hope you enjoyed reading the post and will find a dog bed that goes well with your home's existing décor.